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Create Art with Water Guns

Buy one or more canvas boards, panels, or stretched canvas. Set up a spatter-proof area outdoors.  Load up a few water guns with thinned-down acrylic paint. Let your budding artists (yourself included spray the canvases with layers of paint. This will indeed be a kind of work of art you can display proudly.  For a split panel painting, simply attached a few panels temporarily when painting.

Create Custom Coffee Mugs

This is a fun activity on one of those rainy days when the temperature is not too warm inside.

For this one, you need a few supplies

  • white ceramic mugs
  • ceramic paint in desired colors
  • medium filbert paintbrush
  • paint palette
  • oven
  • oil-based black paint marker (for detail work)

Paint a large abstract shape on your mug, let us say a flower, using only one color pe

R mug.  Let them fully dry. When the paint is dry, go back with the paint marker and add an outline, leaves, stamen, and petals to your flowers. Follow the directions on your ceramic paints to cure your mugs in the oven. This process makes the paints and marker permanent.