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A Cheerful New Shower Curtain for Summer will Brighten Your Bathroom.

Changing your shower curtain to bright and with a summery theme is a simple way to decorate for summer. Adding towels that highlight the summer theme will do even more to add the feeling. Stored correctly, a full range of shower curtains can be swapped out for the different seasons keeping your bathroom freshly decorated throughout the year.

Decorate with Scents

Decorating should be something that addresses all the senses, not just the visual.  Light citrus-scented candles will add the smell of summer to your home.  The trick is to keep the scents in your home to one or two that complement each other.  This can often be best achieved by picking candles or diffusers from one product line or brand.

Create a Beach Basket

Nothing says summer more than cooling off in the water.  A favorite swimming hole, the beach, a mountain river, or a lake are all popular destinations for the summer.  A large basket conveniently places in a corner filled with the necessities of a day in the water is a simple decorative idea.  It is also a useful place to store those things needed for a summer outing.  What could be better than a decoration that is also a go back for a day on the water?