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Spring is all about light and air.  The days are getting longer and less overcast.  The warm and fresh smells of nature are filling the air we breathe.  Spring decorating should reflect this light and airy feeling.  When decorating a Spring Living Room, you should aim for an undecorated look.

Update the look of your bookcases with seasonal colors.

Add a few pieces to the bookcases that emphasize the colors of spring. Green, of course, is the color that first comes to mind when one thinks of spring.  It could be Kelly green, Sage, Peppermint, Pistachio, or some other shade of green. Pair it with white, lavender, violet, canary yellow, or pink; if you have an heirloom or collectible that matches the color scheme, that is even better.  Think grandma’s teapot or that teacup you bought at the flea market.

Nothing says spring like living plants.

Try putting potted plants in unusual containers. I love using unexpected containers, teacups, old mugs, and even rubber boots that can be used to hold plants.  Let your imagination be your guide.

Cut flowers are lovely in any season, but they need to be replaced periodically. By using living plants, you can keep the feeling of spring all season.

Consider Faux Greenery

The upper shelves of bookcases can be hard to reach.  Plants at hose heights can be even harder to water.  These spaces can be excellent places to use faux greenery to add a splash of spring color.

Replace Warm Blankets with Lightweight Throws

Those warm blankets draped over the sofa looked great in the colder months, but lightweight throws will match the light and airy feeling spring ushers in.

Layers of Pillows in Seasonal Colors

.Use true whites in place of winter whites for a crisp feeling.  Match these with the colors noted above, and your room will have an inviting spring decor.

What Works for You

Your home should be a reflection of you. Don’t have a bookcase in your living room, find another place to put spring plants. A piano, a coffee table, or mantel can be a great place to add a little splash of spring color. Consider changing an area rug to achieve a spring look. Think options, not rigid rules, and your home will reflect you.